Wait what? You are pregnant?

That was the first reaction to when my sister told me she was pregnant. She told me she needed my help and presence to break the news to our mother. I was – if i am being honest a little angry at my sister, and mostly disappointed. I had to over come the urge to point out to her that I did tell her to stay away from that boy.  Because as her only wise brother I never like him and I am sure that was my sixth sense telling me we would end up here.

When I got home that evening I had to digest the information I had just received. I was going to be an uncle. I said to myself, ” I hope it is a girl”. I could picture myself dressing the little girl in a Chelsea jersey, teaching her the wisdom of football, to love the only team worth it -Chelsea (please don’t dispute). Being the uncle to spoil her with anything she wanted and drive her mother angry by the openness between us.

A thought hit me that brought horror to my day dreaming. What kind of parent will be? What beliefs will my children have, that are formed because of me? How will I give my children the best start possible?

I had thought of being a parent but that is a thought that was locked perfectly in the back of my mind. This had brought it up. A new generation in our family line was coming and we were by no means prepared for it. It was clear to me that something had to be done, that I had to get myself better prepared for when the baby niece came – to be best uncle this girl will ever have. Most importantly when the time comes to be an incredible father.

This is a series about the gift of a good start. I do not claim to have all the answers or to be an expert about raising children. The goal here is to take you through my preparation journey and to share with you what I have learned and most importantly to open a dialog about what we can do as the current generation to better ourselves and our environment for the new generation, to give them the best gift we can offer which is “The Gift of a good Start”.

Please join me on this series.


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