Wow Queen Sugar…Now that’s some great TV

I love to watch stuff. On my laptop mostly. Of course it might be argued that I have little to no social life. But hey that is okay. I love it this way.

This week I saw a add on DSTV for a series called Queen Sugar decided it looked fun enough to binge.  I thought this would great way to spend my free time. I did not regret it. I am not a black man in America, however I can relate to some of the struggles depicted in the Series. The struggle to break the glass ceiling, where the rich find way to get richer and the poor have to take whatever is handed because they have little or no resources to make a difference.

Seeing the characters, the ones that do what they have to, to help out in the community to fight the injustice and use the platforms given to them to make a difference in their communities, a spirit I so desperately want to see in my community – in my country.

The labels we put on people because of their past irrespective of the work they are putting in to make a better future for themselves and their loved one. The need to have someone believe in you and what you stand for. To know they are in your corner and that they will fight for you. They believe in your vision and they are ready to help if and whenever you call.

It is wonderful television and I have enjoyed every episode. and if you can get your hands on it please find the time to watch it.

My girlfriend is displeased with me for watching it without her so I hope I will survive long enough to do another post. This is a good story. A story worth telling

I have learnt a lot from from it and I have been reminded not to keep quite in the face of oppression. To fight for what you believe in, for the community to be better because it has me in it, to use every platform given to me as a force to share some goodness. Happy Friday everyone.


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