Trading Cryptocurrency for beginners Pt 1.

cryptocurrency-gaming-the-future-of-pokerI am relatively new in the cryptocurrency sphere, I was sold on the hype and I started learning what all the hype is about. I have started my journey trading cryptocurrency, I will say it has been a great journey. Over the next couple of weeks I will share with you my journey. What I am learning in the process and the mistakes I have made thus far.

A lot of people are getting into the industry and I strongly believe cryptocurrency is here to stay. So whether you get in now or wait you will probably have to get in at some point.

For those that are getting in now, how do you approach it in such a way that -at least gives you – a chance to be successful? Like any industry you have to use trading strategy. You need to know some primary steps in order to be successful.

The first and most important, and the only thing I am going to cover to today, is strategy. You need to have one if you are going to trade Cryptocurrency. Don’t have fall for the hype everyone is buying bitcoin so you go out and buy some bitcoin. That is a recipe for failure. Most people do not have a strategy, and think this is a way to get rich quickly, at least that is what I thought when I set out.

With this post I want you to be able to do your own homework and when eventually do put money in you are doing it with confidence and you are putting your money in a coin or currency you believe in. Please understand cryptocurrency is just like money at its core it a medium to facilitate transactions.

Below are the steps you need to follow to ensure you have the right cryptocurrency for the Long term

  1. Select you coin/token

In order to select a good coin to watch or consider buying you have to consider two things. First the valuations and the second is “why are you optimistic”(Why do you like that coin)

  • Valuations: You first consider the market Valuation of a particular coin. Bitcoin now has a market cap of about USD20 billion that is the same as the GDP of Zambia. That does speak about how wide spread the coin is. You can find all the information you need on Market cap at “” the larger caps are the top 5 coins. The medium cap coins are the ones with $200 million to a billion US, these are good coins to buy and get into. Because they are showing a lot of growth. They have media coverage, and their adoption rate is good. The Small Caps are the ones under $200 I would recommend you stay away from these.
  • Why you are optimistic: This is a fundamental question and that speaks to how well you have understood the coin, the technology and team behind it.The first thing you look at is the Target market. What is the coin aiming to be? Is it cloud technology app development, Finance? What is the coin looking to disrupt. The second is the technology. The target market might be there but is the technology there. How easy is it to access? The third thing is the team developing it. Do they have the experience? What have they done in the past. Who are they working with? Who is partnering with them?  The last but not least is growing adoption. Are people adopting the coin? Are they using it? Are co-operations getting on board? If the coin does not meet at least three of these qualities I would recommend you stay away from it


I will continue tomorrow. Please leave a comment and subscribe and stand a chance to win some crypto currency. Let me leave you with my favorite coins and their market Cap. You can start watching them.

  1. Ethereum: It is a blockchain for “smart contracts” Programs will execute contractual terms automatically. Possible applications in the entertainment industry. Market Cap at $26 billion. YTD Return 3825%
  2. Ripple: wants to disrupt the slow, opaque and pricey world of international wire tranfers, already has 75 bank partners. Market Cap $9 billion. YTD Return 4210%. (I really like this coin)
  3. Siacoin: Taking on Amazon S3 with decentralized file storage that’s a tenth of the cost, faster and more reliable. Market cap at $390 Million. YTD Return 7295%

Wow Queen Sugar…Now that’s some great TV

I love to watch stuff. On my laptop mostly. Of course it might be argued that I have little to no social life. But hey that is okay. I love it this way.

This week I saw a add on DSTV for a series called Queen Sugar decided it looked fun enough to binge.  I thought this would great way to spend my free time. I did not regret it. I am not a black man in America, however I can relate to some of the struggles depicted in the Series. The struggle to break the glass ceiling, where the rich find way to get richer and the poor have to take whatever is handed because they have little or no resources to make a difference.

Seeing the characters, the ones that do what they have to, to help out in the community to fight the injustice and use the platforms given to them to make a difference in their communities, a spirit I so desperately want to see in my community – in my country.

The labels we put on people because of their past irrespective of the work they are putting in to make a better future for themselves and their loved one. The need to have someone believe in you and what you stand for. To know they are in your corner and that they will fight for you. They believe in your vision and they are ready to help if and whenever you call.

It is wonderful television and I have enjoyed every episode. and if you can get your hands on it please find the time to watch it.

My girlfriend is displeased with me for watching it without her so I hope I will survive long enough to do another post. This is a good story. A story worth telling

I have learnt a lot from from it and I have been reminded not to keep quite in the face of oppression. To fight for what you believe in, for the community to be better because it has me in it, to use every platform given to me as a force to share some goodness. Happy Friday everyone.


Man Crush Monday

I have a man crush, honestly speaking. I know this will come as a shock to most because I am a man and men are not allowed to have crushes on other men. If they do they are certainly supposed to keep it to themselves and most importantly I love women – a little too much

It Monday so who cares? I first saw my crush on YouTube I was searching for videos on African entrepreneurship for an event I was putting together called ‘Start a company: the leap to entrepreneurship’.

He walked in the room, he was bald, clean shaven, with those arms that make the rest of us look lazy that can’t be bothered with a gym (I do have gym membership by the way, and I do let my Cousin go on my behalf occasionally).

With all the reasons able, they are unfortunately not the reason for my crush. It was his mind. You see when opened his mouth and spoke in the one minute I listened. I am very sure my pupils took a heart shape. I breathed a sign that made me sure beyond a doubt – I was in love.

The title of his talk that day was ‘the big lie of small business’ he went on to argue that most small business do almost that same thing as big business do but the mindset of the founders was they reason they stayed small. He went on to give examples juxtaposing a nkatemba and shoprite, a stokvel (or ichilimba as they are called in Zambia) and a bank, small fast food place and listed franchises.

I had been studying entrepreneurship and it was so easy to find information and talks about American startups but here was a man who was raised in an African setup, he had travelled across Africa, understood the business landscape in Africa. He spoke with authority about it and argued that we really had no excuse as African entrepreneurs. That it was possible to rise to the occasion, to build a better Africa for the next generation as long as can shift our mindset and build for philosophy and not lifestyle. To put off our gratification and build business much bigger than the entrepreneurs in them.

Even more striking was the way he communicated. With passion, poise, vigor and eloquence things I had not seen before in am African speaker.  In just 17 minutes this man had managed not only to communicate great ideas but to change my life (as cliche as that sounds),

After that day I have search YouTube downloaded every talk I could lay my hands, I downloaded soundcloud to follow his radio interviews. Told everyone who was willing to listen about this beautiful man.

His name is Vusi Themkayo and almost every morning I listen to his good news. I will leave you with his talk.

The Big Lie of Small Business | Vusi Thembekwayo …:

Wait what? You are pregnant?

That was the first reaction to when my sister told me she was pregnant. She told me she needed my help and presence to break the news to our mother. I was – if i am being honest a little angry at my sister, and mostly disappointed. I had to over come the urge to point out to her that I did tell her to stay away from that boy.  Because as her only wise brother I never like him and I am sure that was my sixth sense telling me we would end up here.

When I got home that evening I had to digest the information I had just received. I was going to be an uncle. I said to myself, ” I hope it is a girl”. I could picture myself dressing the little girl in a Chelsea jersey, teaching her the wisdom of football, to love the only team worth it -Chelsea (please don’t dispute). Being the uncle to spoil her with anything she wanted and drive her mother angry by the openness between us.

A thought hit me that brought horror to my day dreaming. What kind of parent will be? What beliefs will my children have, that are formed because of me? How will I give my children the best start possible?

I had thought of being a parent but that is a thought that was locked perfectly in the back of my mind. This had brought it up. A new generation in our family line was coming and we were by no means prepared for it. It was clear to me that something had to be done, that I had to get myself better prepared for when the baby niece came – to be best uncle this girl will ever have. Most importantly when the time comes to be an incredible father.

This is a series about the gift of a good start. I do not claim to have all the answers or to be an expert about raising children. The goal here is to take you through my preparation journey and to share with you what I have learned and most importantly to open a dialog about what we can do as the current generation to better ourselves and our environment for the new generation, to give them the best gift we can offer which is “The Gift of a good Start”.

Please join me on this series.


Passive Income Options for Your Financial Toolbox Day 1

Money never sleeps, but humans do. So, when your head hits the pillow at night, you’ll want to know your money is going to work while you get some well-deserved rest.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to bring home the bacon, or just take home more money than you did last month, passive income tools may be the answer. If you make the most of all the passive income tools out there, you have the potential to earn a steady stream of automated profits.

I will take this week to talk about some of these tools. Please subscribe to be update

  1. Real Estate

It’s no secret that real estate is potentially a good investment. Now, thanks to real estate crowdfunding, you don’t need deep pockets to get in the game. With platforms like LCB Moguls, investors receive preferred deal flow that they can access for as little as K950. These platforms offer tools to streamline the investment process, including access to data and analysis over the lifetime of your investment.

Of course, real estate investments do have risks, so it’s important to evaluate the terms of each deal.